GABench: We waste time in Google Analytics so you don't have to

I’ve been providing this service for a while now - at my last full-time job and now independently - and was a bit inspired by the exact thing being mentioned in Episode 282 of the Tropical MBA podcast to actually throw together a landing page for it.

If you know of ways I can improve this (it’s thrown together rather quickly) or know of somebody who’d be interested, let me know.

And, for you guys, if you ever have GA questions: Ping me anytime.

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If you glanced at GABench earlier, please do so again. I’ve made a pretty big adjustment to how I describe the service.

This is cool. Out of the example tasks list I would pick the top 2 or 3 things people ask for and highlight them. I would assume setting up tagging is a big issue for people (especially those with no code knowledge).

I would also put an example of an email a client gets. I’d like to see what kind of metrics you show, the format etc… Again, display the most popular or requested metrics.

You may also want to add a “Free Consultation” or something to the pricing menu so you can engage with potential clients. I’m going to need to be sold in order to drop 299/mth on analytics.

Maybe also tip cap to how this is going to make me more money. Testimonials, example cases, etc.

Good luck!

A lot of that is what the email course is about.

The primary CTA before was the consultation, but I switched it the drip campaign (which has a primary CTA for a consultation). As an aside, I’m rather proud of that course and there’s a lot of actionable stuff in there even if GABench isn’t for you.

I’ve kept reports out of this (for now) because I’ve had a wide mix of preferences there. Some clients have just wanted emails, some decks, some PDFs, some web pages. Luckily, no Word requests so far.

In my mind, at the moment, the key value is less reports and more having an expert manage this for you end-to-end and handling more one-off questions. Weekly or even monthly reports just get glanced at or ignored. Far more interesting/valuable is either quickly getting and answer to how something’s performing or (even better) getting a proactive email about a change in expected performance (good or bad).

Hah, Word would be a real bitch.

Really like this idea. Trying to hire someone in house is super expensive and very hard to find for web analytics (we tried, the conclusion was I had to just sit down and learn it myself.)

Back in the day I sold SEO packages for a very short period. In my experience, pages that converted the best talked less about features (keyword research, blog posts, competitor analysis) and more about how SEO will you make more money. We even had a calculator where the user could input their value per customer and conversion rate and see how much more money they can make by driving more traffic to their site.

This is primarily playing to biz owners greed. If you want to tap into fear as well, play up the constant monitoring angle. When I was doing ecommerce we had an issue with our cart that went unchecked for weeks. That’s lost sales and money. You can help avoid that!!

I would actually google some web marketing companies and look at how they pitch their product. You are offering something similar.

sold :slight_smile: just signed up for it.

Great! Let me know if you find it useful (and more importantly: if you don’t).