From sign up to subscription

Just sharing numbers:

  1. Sign up. Automatic 14-days trial starts.
  2. First 3 days are critical. We monitor every step and we proactively send “how to” emails.
  3. If user has not logged in for more than 2 consecutive days (weekends excluded) during the trial - we have lost the lead.
  4. If user is actively engaged, we are offering customized demo (we ask for use cases). In 90% of cases it happens in the second week of the free trial.
  5. For actively engaged users we typically extend trial 2 times.
  6. Typically, it takes 40 days to convert the lead to customer.
  7. An average number of hours per week spent on supporting actively engaged user (before converting lead to subscription): 8

If somehow I could reduce it to 1-2 weeks I would be driving Ferrari.


What does your top of funnel & bottom look like?

How many are making it through to become customers?

I actually just started a question in a different thread moments before reading your post haha. It seems timely.

If you are asking about site visitors vs signups it’s less than 1%.

The conversion rate is ~ 10%.

Our SaaS is relatively complicated (easier than most of the competitors) and expensive (cheaper than most of the competitors).

How are you filling the top of your funnel? Ads? Content Marketing?


No ads. Email marketing (we bought a few lists), social (mostly Twitter), SEO. No content marketing per se but we do a have fairly regularly updated documentation, which is very much indexed by Google and regularly appears in searches.