From pirate to reseller

I got an email today, which more or less says, “Hi Steve, can we become official resellers of your product? etc… Actually we already sell it but we’d like a reseller discount.”

I checked out their site, and they are a Russian site specialising in software in my field, and accepting payment in the methods popular in Russia (eg Skrill). Funny thing is, they are already selling a pirated version of my software! I guess they want to go legit…

Ha! Well, I guess why not bring them into the fold and get a cut of your own software :slight_smile:

In 90s almost all software in Russia was pirated. I hear nowadays the legal situation is improving rapidly, so the former pirates may look into becoming a respectable business. They already have the distribution channels, for one thing…

OT - is that you Steve on the voice over on your videos? I couldn’t help but be reminded of this chap :wink:

Nice sites and apps there!

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Yes it is me doing the voice-over. I choose to take your comment as a compliment… :slight_smile: