From Idea to $1,100/revenue in 30 Days

I originally documented how I launched a new startup in 24 hours on my personal blog.

However, now that this is 30 days later and it is showing some signs of life I put together this blog together showing what went into it. You can read it here:

I’d love to hear any feedback!

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How much did you spend to get that $1100 in revenue?

How will you keep from getting blacklisted?

Less than $100 up to this point.

Hey Lewis, we don’t send it from our domain. Each customer gets their own email created using a business account. Then when the hot leads respond with interest they get forwarded to the customer’s email account.

Hi Justin,

Cool business. I’m looking forward for your book to come up.

Could you please take a look on my topic and recommend how would you promote a business like this?


  • Ratibor.

Hey Ratibor - that seems like some really great software! I agree with Steve in that thread, I think your best bet with this would be through VC funding. Otherwise, channel partnerships with digital signage companies and/or manufacturers. Not sure that the LeadFuze program would benefit you though unfortunately as I don’t think we’d be able to track down the specific contacts you’d need as I think the majority of your ideal customers would be mall based retain chains.


Could you please recommend any literature on direct mail and leads acquisition, that I could read before your book is ready? Or may be any other marketing literature, you think can be helpful for my case.


  • Ratibor.

Hi Ratibor,

The book ( will be released next month. It’s 95% written, just needs to go through the editing and prelaunch phase. There will be lead generation strategies specifically to marketers and agencies in the book. I think you’ll get some value out of it (in particular a few of the lead generation strategies), but I don’t think the majority of the book will be an ideal read for you. I’d recommend books by Seth Godin, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy if you’re just getting into the marketing side of things.