From Google form to $1000 in revenue in one month

Here’s a great little example of getting an idea off the ground for $20, doing things the simplest and cheapest ways possible until the idea is proven.


(He’s 37 and he still applies for startup jobs?)

I mean, yeah, the story is kinda amusing, but I’m failing to see what drives the employers posting jobs there?

Are they specifically looking for older = experiences folks? But that can be done on say LinkedIn by specifying the experience in years, and not age as an approximation of experience.

I feel like I’m missing some piece of the story, probably somehow related to the community on HN, where I’m not a dweller.

Interesting example of Dont get mad, get even :slight_smile:

Inspirational for sure but I wonder how he will continue to get traffic after his initial media attention is gone. He mentions in the comments that he’d get swallowed whole by the big players if he had to rely on advertising and there’s only so many times those big publishers will write about ageism and give him a plug.