From email address to sales prospect / lead

What are you guys using to extract leads from an email list? More specifically, I need to go through an email list and filter out all the email adresses for people working in agencies.

I know Clearbit can do something like this, but I’m not sure how good it is. Their free trial quota is way too low to tell if it works or not. Does anyone have experiences to share?

I was thinking about outsourcing it. Good or bad idea? Suggestions?


I recommend trying rapportive or a similar service.
Paste the emails into an email you send yourself, then hover them with your mouse, opening their linkedin’s or websites.

Definitely outsource this; I’ve done email sourcing manually and it’s probably your biggest barrier to actually getting this done—it’s no fun.

I’m planning to sign up for salesfuelapp/fiverr/fancyhands in the next few days to get some help with my own sourcing. If you charge enough for your service, outreachsignals could be a good thing to try as well.

Good luck & please report back!

Also, consider sponsoring events that agency people attend. Frequently sponsors get access to everyone’s emails.

Thank you for writing this!

I think Clearbit would probably be the easier version of using Rapportive. Outsourcing it definitely makes sense. Days of copy/pasting stuff is a big motivation killer!

Sponsoring events is a good idea!


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