Freedom Build: a challenge to see who can build a better product in 5 months

Hey all,

Thought I would share this challenge I’m doing with a friend to build a profitable bootstrapped business. We’re taking very different approaches to building products and comparing the results. Hopefully other bootstrappers can learn from our mistakes along the way :smile:


That’s a neat idea; combining accountability, journaling, competitiveness, cooperation and sharing. Good luck! It’ll be fun to watch.

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Do you already have an idea, or is finding an idea part of the challenge?


Finding an idea is part of the challenge for me. I’m starting with finding an audience and figuring out what they need, and generating ideas from there. Brian has a list of ideas he’s going to start with.

@joshwayne Great idea! I’m sort of doing the same thing myself, except I have no competition except myself. You can read some of it in my blog.

Hey @joshwayne, I really like your idea. I went to see how you are doing on your blog… but nothing for two weeks. What are you up to? :smile:

@lucaspiller Thanks for checking up :slight_smile: . Brian and I have been chatting the last couple weeks about the blogging piece and we both felt like it was taking up a lot of time that could be better used for actually working on our projects. We’re playing around with the idea of switching the format to an audio podcast. We picked up some mics and we’re going to record a test run to see how it goes.

So yeah, we’re both hustlin’, just trying to figure out how to keep everyone else updated on our progress. I’ll be sure to let you know what we figure out.

Great, glad to here it’s still alive! I look forward to hearing how it’s going!