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Free tool to sanity check your churn!


Hey everyone,

I’ve made a free tool to help founders understand churn. The idea came from hearing @daverodenbaugh talk about how counterintuitive it can be on episode 98 of Rogue Startups. The tool shows the huge effect small changes in churn can have on revenue and growth.


It’s fun to play about with the numbers and see the effects small changes might have for your business.

It’s bare bones right now but I’m hoping to add a few more features.

Any ideas or feedback are always welcome!



That looks great Laurie! I love the visuals on it…glad I could provide some inspiration!


Oh man, excellent job on this tool!


@daverodenbaugh @Ken Thanks guys!
I’m planning on adding some fixes and a feature that calculates the difference in MRR ceilings. Hoping I can get that done over the weekend. :smile:


@laurie Looks good!

Just one remark when I looked at the homepage: “helps companies improve churn
I find this rather curious. I’d like to reduce churn not “improve” (i.e. increase?) churn.