Formerly Freelance CTO, now London's Software Consultant

Hi all,
James is my name, I’ve done a couple of startups (one still going) and am currently moving into the consulting side of things.

On leaving my last startup at first I was a Ruby freelancer, then realised I was also providing the CTO services so switched over to Freelance CTO.

Since I ended up having to explain what a freelance CTO does I’ve realised that a CTO is simply a Software consultant who is full time (plus a few extra’s) I’ve decided to market myself as London’s Software Consultant.

I’m finding a lot of challenges in the sales side of the business (specifically, how to find customers when you don’t have a network and how to close).


Hey, interesting approach you’re taking there. M’afraid the only way you’re going to build that network is to get out there and pimp your services.

I take it you enjoy the consulting side of things and so you’re getting back in to that game by choice?

Either way good luck with it.

Cheers, startups consume your life, currently I don’t have a worthwhile idea so consulting is a happy alternative (work on other peoples interesting problems).