Find a technical cofounder

Hello guys,

I am an intermediate developer and I can code decently in php. However, for my latest project I am looking for a technical cofounder who is good with nodejs and javascript, as the application uses a lot of real-time APIs.

I was thinking to hire someone on from upwork or freelancers to code these parts for me, but I think besides my product related value proposition, developing and deploying new features - faster than the competition - will become extremely important when the journey progresses.

Where have you found your technical cofounder?(who is as obsessed as you to create a startup :wink: )

Thx in advance for your replies!

Hey Gregor,

Don’t know where to find a technical cofounder – but as it happens I am one. :slight_smile: I’ve been building out Reviewable (JS + Node + Firebase) and I’m still pretty busy with it, but I’m always willing to be tempted with a new venture. Ping me at piotr at ideanest dot com if you’d like to chat.

Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you where or how to find a technical co-founder, but I do think you should not limit your search to developers with experience in Node.js and/or JavaScript, as experience with these specific technologies are probably not the most important criteria for a good co-founder.

Experience with JavaScript for the client-side of things is probably a good idea in your case (assuming you are talking about a browser-based application), but I would not make the assumption that Node.js is the required (or even best) solution on the back-end side of things.

I wrote more on the subject of what to look for in a technical co-founder in my response to a similar thread.