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Finally started to write again, here's the result


Hi Bootstrappers,

I finally, finally, finally wrote another article (thanks for the push, GDPR!) after 8 months of hiatus.

You all know these funny “GDPR-consent” emails and the German DoD had their very own take on how to get reader’s consent.

There are a few lessons about email user experience one can learn from that. So here’s the full article:

Any feedback is welcome!



Hahaha! I love the German military style! It is so much in line with the existing public image of them, those stern Teutonic warriors. Links? Links are for pussies! Say danke for not having to run 10km over defense lines in a gas mask to sign your consent!

Regarding your post tho: it is a bit under-performing for scanners like me. I do not read carefully, I scan, and most people probably do the same. In you “Improving the usability of your emails” part I’d suggest to highlight - either with colour, or blockquote (my fav), or bullet-points the key takeaways, so even if I scan I’d notice and remember those.


Hey Vlad.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion about highlighting the key takeaways.
I appreciate each and every bit of feedback - especially if it is as constructive as yours.

I’ll see how I can improve it.


Love it! I’m also going to check out your book. Good synergy with what we’re building at https://www.gethighlights.co/ :slight_smile:


Hi Etienne,

super cool. Thanks a lot.

Is there anything you need help with right now?
I’d be super happy to help!


Hi Christoph,

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d love any feedback on the tool if you have a few minutes to try it out!

Thanks, let me know.


Hi Etienne,

I think there is value in a tool like highlights. It’s not straight-forward for most people to understand what their analytics are trying to tell them.
@TheDaveCollins does a wonderful job in his videos to teach it for Google Analytics/Search Console/SEO, but having a tool do it for me sounds amazing.

Landing page:
I think the header is a bit too long and I’d test removing the “identifying and” because the real value is in fixing it.
I’d also test adding testimonials to the page. There is little in the way of social proof (only the “integrations” somewhat count towards that).

Have you tested this pricing or are you super-early-stage?
My gut feeling is that this is clearly a B2B product and for more sophisticated customers. As such $99/mo is a reasonable price.
However, I think the free plan offers way too much. The benefit of going premium isn’t clear to me.
I’d test dropping the unlimited tracking from the free plan. Instead go with something like “10 results each month” or so.
I pay more than $100 for Ahrefs and on some reports they only show me 10 results until I pay >$200 - so you can pull that off on the free plan :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to connect Drip and I don’t have Mailchimp, so I only tested Google Analytics.

The suggestions are good - maybe I should really look into optimizing things.

Some pages are double-reported (difference in parameters, / vs. ?ref=quuu).


Wow, tremendous feedback Christian! Thanks for testing it out. :slight_smile:

We’re in the process of launching a new LP this week. I’ll try and squeeze in the changes for “identifying and”. Social proof is a little tricky this early though. Working on it. :slight_smile:

Great points about the pricing. We’re pretty early-stage so all feedback is good feedback. We’d like to be able to have a valuable freemium model. Maybe that’s why the pricing sounds too generous!

Thank you, really appreciated!


Oh so you need social proof?

Well, that’s easy - here’s your first user testimonial.

“Just what I needed! Getting actionable data from Google Analytics is a nightmare. Highlights gave me at least 4-5 solid ideas on how to improve different pages on my website.” - Christoph Engelhardt, Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

profile picture: https://www.saasemailmarketing.net/images/author-of-saas-email-marketing-handbook-500x500.jpg


Wah. You’re awesome Christoph! Really really appreciated. :smile:

We just set it live! https://www.gethighlights.co/