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FemtoConf 2019, May 3-5, Darmstadt -- tickets on sale now


Hey folks.

@benedikt and I are organizing a tiny conference for bootstrapped SaaS founders, called FemtoConf, in Darmstadt, Germany (close to Frankfurt intl airport) this May 3-5.

Tickets just went on sale and there are only 7 (out of 25 total) left as of right now.

I’d be thrilled to meet you folks in person - and everyone who approaches me at the conference from this group will get free candy (we already have free drinks…)!

Check it out at



Hey folks,

I’m giving this another push.

Although we are officially sold out, there is one ticket available (from someone who won’t be able to make it).

Contact me, if you want to join us for some crazy fun in Darmstadt.

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I’ve heard good things about FemtoConf from a past attendee.

Grab that last ticket while you can!

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Hey Steve.

Who was that attendee? If you’re okay with giving the name.