FemtoConf - 10. - 12. February 2017 - Darmstadt, Germany

Hi folks,

@benedikt and I are organizing a get-together/tiny conference of bootstrappers in Darmstadt, Germany on the weekend of 10. - 12. February 2017.

We’ll get together for a weekend with plenty of time for socializing. We’ve got a conference room booked for Saturday and there will be talks, but the focus is on building relationships (and covering the distance to the next MicroConf Europe :slight_smile: )

If you’re interested, check out http://femtoconf.com - there are currently 6 tickets left @ 99 €


Nice one Christoph. If I was still living in Frankfurt, I’d be there for sure.

The odd name took me a while to work out…

Hey Steve,

thanks a lot.

It’s interesting. Quite a few people seem to struggle with the name. What makes it so hard?

What is the meaning of Femto?

It’s a unit prefix denoting a factor of 10^-15.

We chose it, because we wanted to do a smaller version of MicroConf Europe(http://www.microconfeurope.com – MCE) for attendees to bridge the time between two MCEs

OK. I would have gone with nanoconf then, as nano is a bit more known at least to me.

We thought about using “nano”, but that immediately brings nanotechnology to mind - which isn’t what we do at all :slight_smile:

School physics level still seems to be good in Germany. :+1:


@itengelhardt are you sold out? Signed up for the email list but haven’t heard anything.

This is just a few weeks after our Big Snow Tiny Conf Europe, but it seems like a nice addition to the winter conference season. Nicely done!

Hi Craig,

we indeed sold out in under 24 hours.

Thanks for the kind words. I hear raving reviews about BSTC. I bet you’re going to have lots of fun next year :slight_smile:

Cool name :)! I thought you would have gone with picoconf :).

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PicoConf was definitely an option, but we thought that “femto” is more popular.
After all everyone knows about femtosecond lasers used in eye surgery - right? :smiley:

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