[feedback request] Pull request dashboard side project

Hello Friends,

I’m working on a small side project called PRBoard. It’s a live, instant dashboard for developer team’s pull requests. Each pull request is represented as a small card with different status messages.

I know, GitHub has standard means to notify your team about pull requests like assigning a reviewer or using a slack notification. Still, it’s always hard to quickly see what pull requests are open and available for review as well as those that passed all the checks and ready to be merged.

Would love to learn your thoughts about this project. Are you pleased with how your team discovers and notifies about pull requests? Would you use something like PRBoard? Maybe you have an idea of a killer feature for a pull request tool? I’d appreciate if you can share it with me!

Thank you!

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Welcome @ivanbokii!

The website looks good. What are your plans for pricing? And for marketing?

Hi Steve!
Thank you. The pricing is going to be based on the number of teams and team size. A limited number of teams certain size will have access to all features for free. Marketing is tough - it’s hard to convince people to give this app a try even if it looks interesting to them. Any suggestions on how would you market something like this?