Feedback on my saas app landing page

Hello, I have just launched the landing page for my new SaaS app called Metriculator.

I am building this tool to help businesses collect quality customer feedback via NPS (Net Promoter System) surveys directly from their website instead of taking the customers to an external survey page or email.

I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions - especially related to the text (body copy) since I am not a native english speaker. Does the message come across clearly? Also, do you find the product useful? If you were to start collecting feedback for your product/service, would you give this a shot?


I like it! Landing page is clear and answers pretty much all the questions. The survey demo is good too.

When you launch, it might be useful to add a demo of the Admin section as well.

Some spelling mistakes on the home page

  • “Recieve” should be “Receive”

  • “collegues” should be “colleagues”

All the very best

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Yes, I’ll add a demo dashboard link once it is live.

Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistakes. I’ll fix it in the next release.

Looks pretty good but…does the company that makes NPS allow you to do what you are doing without having to pay them royalties or some other fee? I hope you are not setting yourself up for a nasty “please take down your site” lawyer’s letter.

I found this quote by the creator of Net Promoter System -

“One of the most important decisions I made in creating NPS was to make it an open-source movement. As a result, there has been an explosion of creativity from the NPS user community around how the metric and system can be applied.” Fred Reichheld (source)

So I believe that there is no licence/royalty fee associated with using NPS. Still, I think I will attribute the creator of NPS at the bottom of my website and also mention that I do not own any kind of trademark for NPS.

Can’t get to your site from inside of a corporate network:

Your connection is not secure
The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

Looks like some certificate issue.

Hmm, that is really weird. I’ll investigate this and try to roll out a fix shortly.

I can see the page now. No changes (proxy, …) were done on my side, so I assume it is either fixed on your side, or the issue is occasional.

I like the landing page! I think the message is pretty clear. There are some minor things such as upto (should be up to). Would probably be a good idea to run the whole thing through a spell/grammar check :).

Well done!


Haha, I’ve just discovered the Grammarly Chrome extension. I plan to use it to catch the rest of my errors.

The page looks great and the product sounds promising. I can’t think of a single useful critique. Great job!

Any tips for building landing pages? Specifically, any guides, templates, products you used to build this one.

Again, superb job. Please keep us updated on the product.

Thanks a lot for your inputs and encouraging words.

Regarding landing pages, I built this from scratch using Twitter Bootstrap (just the grid system and navigation). I have also launched & shared a free startup website template here a little while back.

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I echo what others have said. This site looks great, feels trustworthy, great product overview. I’m excited to hear what comes next.

Also, once you start getting some customers - we should talk in general about some future partnership opportunities and ways for you to monetize your customer base (we’re also in the survey industry, but could provide a way for your customers to survey potential customers outside of directly on their site).

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Thanks, Tom.

I’ll get in touch with you once I take this product out of beta and have some customers.

Have a look here:

“Our standard license is an annual, auto-renewing agreement for $2,000/year. To receive the licensing paperwork, please complete and submit the form below.”

I understand everyone can calculate the NPS, but to call it NPS, you need a license.

Thanks for sharing this information.

I like it too. Good usability of web pages and clearly written …

@bharanim your above the fold copy and image work really well. It was very clear when I landed on your site what your product did. Great job. Scrolling down, reviewing the product screenshots, I found them to be very clear and helpful in my understanding of what this does.

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