Feedback on my idea

Hey everyone! Currently i’m struggling to find interesting idea for a product to work on and i’ve decided to do good old scratching your own itches :slight_smile:

I have lots of sources of information i’m reading and consuming everyday:

  • Twitter
  • Rss
  • Telegram channels
  • Regular websites

And it requires me on a daily purpose checking those sources to see if anything interesting pops up. It takes time, sometimes i’m forgetting about certain website (yep, that happens quite often) and distracts me.

App that allows you to enter urls of things you are interested in, set any kind of periodicity ( every 3, 12, 24 hours) and you will get a summary of those sources in you inbox as a newsletter. By using some magic, this app will try to find relevant things to you and put them on top.

Questions: What do you think in general about this idea? Would you pay any decent amount 2-4 bucks for it on monthly basis? Anything else you would add to it that would help you to efficiently consume information from the internets?

Thanks and looking forward to your answers.



  1. It is an opposite to my goals which is to reduce the number of distractions.
  2. Even if I wanted to consume more, I wouldn’t perceive that as a service worth paying for, because consuming this information worth nothing to me – I’m not making money with it (quite opposite, I’m wasting time).

It is another story if the aggregator you’re talking about is for business use. But then the price point is too low.

Hey Vlad, thanks for your answer.

But it aims to reduce the distraction imo. Once a day you get a summary of all your sources and you don’t need to check them separately through the day and get distracted.

Maybe i wasn’t clear enough on the idea or use cases, but for me as a developer and the person who tries to run a startup, those source give information that potentially converts into revenue.
You could of course “aggregate” /r/funny, or something like imgur though :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe you wasn’t and your pricing has sent a “not for business” message. 2-4 dollars is a consumer, even commodity, pricing.

Now, for business use (leads, …) I believe you’d have to narrow your idea a lot. Maybe it has legs, but I’m wondering how exactly you imagine working with something like that?

Exactly, i think this product’s primary market is private customers. I’m not even sure how businesses could get use of it.

Not different from for example or sort of yahoo pipes.

You add urls + some source based rules ( for reddit you could specify that only posts with rating > 5 are fetched, etc ), specify the periodicity and that is pretty much it. On a daily basis you get an email in your inbox with summary of all sources. You spend 20 minutes in the evening on reading/looking through it and voila you are up to date with all the information!

By how you click links in email the system can learn what interests you the most and improves algorithms so next time email is more relevant to you.