Feedback on - Beautiful designs every day

Since earlier this year I’m bootstrapping, a tool to capture anything online. I noticed I’ve collected a lot of great designs and copywriting so I thought that I might share it with you as a web app.

You can check it out here:

I hope you’ll enjoy it and I’m looking forward to your feedback!


Decent presentation. I’m not 100% motivated to sign-up for the newsletter but nice to be able to dip in to dozens of designs at once. Have you automated the landing page collection process or are you working on them manually?

Interesting idea however the page feels underwhelming, especially for a design inspiration page. Maybe curate the list of items that get displayed. Also, using arrows to navigate through the screens make them jump in and out in size which seems janky.


I select all designs manually but the uploads and presentations are automated using to capture and a background script.

I made the newsletter to cater for users who might not be interested in browsing around, but would like some nice inspiration each week :).

Thanks dgrigg!
The list is curated by me :). Is it the showcased designs you feel are underwhelming or design?

I wanted to give a full screen experience rather than just a grid of small images. What do you think?
Seems like I have to work on the transitions though :)!

A bit of both. If you want to get designer eyeballs it better be dialed in.

Just a thought for I definitely wouldn’t pay for it right now…

But if you were to allow someone to catch all of the code - HTML + CSS and the like to easily replicate / change. That would be interesting. But it would become more of a developer tool. Dunno. Worth a thought. There are a few chrome extensions that do similar things, but they hack it all together and make a mess of everything.

Hi Tom!
Thank you for feedback, however I don’t think it’s the direction I’m taking Klart. I’m focusing more on discovery and organization. I think there is room for more ease of use there, compared to what exists today.