Feedback on a Sales Page

I’m toying around with an idea and I decided to take a sales-page first approach. I’d love to see what you think about the copy on this page:

This is an experiment on several levels:

  • First, is this a good way to hone the sales page content, to help me create better sales copy?
  • Second, does it provide interesting leads?
  • Third, is the service actually something people need?

Anyhow, if you have a couple minutes to take a look I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  1. I’d say mostly yeah… but interviewing people with the actual problem is better. I’d think for this to work better you might want to lay it out a bit more, like a fake product homepage rather than a ‘bunch of text’.

  2. I guess that’s for you to find out :smile:

  3. Not me, but then I use freeagent for my finance stuff. I can see how PDF invoices on demand for stripe would be useful if you’re selling lots of ‘the same thing’ like an ebook and your accountant wants invoices for each sale.

Thanks for the feedback Andy, it’s quite useful.

My gut reaction is that your question heading is more compelling than the WOT statement, which I would rewrite to better home in on the pain point(s) addressed by SalesPipe.

I view the third heading similarly, as it more concisely frames your product. (“Oh, that’s what it is.”)

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

I came here to say that “What if you could create beautiful invoices through a simple API?” was the most compelling thing on the page, but I can see that @aeden has beat me to it.

And I say this as someone who is not a very good developer, and would probably never use an API for anything that could be done with a GUI instead.

I think this is a really creative way to hone what message you’re trying to get across on your sales page, but I think your survey could have some questions to help you identify whether the person you’re getting feedback from is actually a target customer (depending on how well-defined you have that at this point).

I think it’s a good experiment to test your sales copy, but always complemented with potential customers interviews.

I don’t think people are honest when they (1) are asked to review the copy, not the product, and (2) they don’t know the pricing.

I’m working on the same direction with my product. I found out that many developers need a service like that, above all when they have to manage with different currencies, taxes, etc. But many others prefer to solve their own solution. You know, the all-made-by-myself-to-have-the-control syndrome

If you want to share experiences, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Good luck!

I completed your form, and I’m your target market. (I’ll be using Stripe, haven’t built my billing system, and would rather not build it custom. At least in v1.)

Kudos for testing the sales page before building the product.

Hey @aeden good stuff man. I think I’m kinda in your target market b/c I had a customer request invoices and I realized that i couldn’t do that for stripe so I did some searching for that.

I think that when I read the bit about API integration, it turned me off a little bit. I was looking for a one-click type solution that would just generate invoices from my stipe payments without me having to deal with much.

I kinda dig your approach of starting with the sales page first. It kind of forces you to think about the value proposition and pain point early on.

I still don’t understand why stripe doesn’t offer this. I’d imagine they probably will at some point fairly soon.

I tend to be a fan of pretty tight niches. So it might make sense to do something that’s specific to one payment platform (at least initially). Kind of like how bare metrics is just for stripe. If you built something specific to stripe, you could probably pick up stripe customers pretty easily.

Best of luck!

Looks like someone is already offering a “Send invoices automatically when a stripe charge occurs” service:


There’s also which is pretty new.