Feedback needed on Brass Tacks, a productized analytics consulting service

<< Replaced since I no longer have an employer. >>

Just finished up this initial draft of a landing page for something new I’m trying out based on a lot of the work I’ve seen pass through at my former day job and some conversations I’ve had lately.

Should be fairly self-explanatory, but I'd love to hear - if you read it - why you wouldn't use such a service.

This seems extremely valuable. Something that stood out to me (as odd as it sounds) was the 50% discount leading to a price that includes cents. I’d round it down to $499, or – because you want people to instantly know it’s 50% and most people aren’t instinctual users of basic math – $498.

[Edit: obviously you’d change the copy to avoid saying 50%, too, it’s a big discount either way.]

The service itself seems valuable. There are probably lots of people who has set up Google Analytics for their website but are not using it to guide business decisions. I can imagine myself using it - if I had a website for which it would make sense.

Some feedback on the landing page:

Be more concise or at least get to the point faster. If I understand it correctly, your value proposition for the customer is something along the lines of “get a someone to configure my web analytics tools, interpret the data and present it in a clear manner so that I can focus on making business decisions”. That should be immediately obvious from the landing page.

Seen in that light, I’m not sure if your example makes any sense. If I don’t already use my analytics tool, I don’t care about “odd quirks” in the data.

Better examples would probably be directly tied to business value (conversions, sales etc).

Adjusted the price to shave off the extra 50 cents. And I’ll be adjusting the example more toward @saltvedt’s suggestion now that I have a bit more freedom.

As the OP now states, I lost my day job yesterday - not entirely because of this, but it didn’t necessarily help.

Doing a simultaneous job search and sprint for self-sufficiency. We’ll see which wins.

Good luck! Sounds like that was a surprise. I’ll keep you in mind in case I come across a relevant opportunity. I believe economists call this (job vs. full-time bootstrapping) a “natural experiment”.

Love it. Was just telling my boss the other day we need a GA consultant.

If you niched down into ecommerce and even a specific platform (I’m partial to magento) I think you’d destroy it.

If you need a GA consultant, I’m certainly available. PM me some contact info if you can.

As for niching down, I don’t know why that hadn’t occurred to me before now, but it’s brilliant.

Making new landing pages with more specific focus (and, in the case of e-commerce, higher prices) just shot to the top of my to-do list.


OK. Just launched a lander for an e-commerce specialty:

Taking a different tactic by not putting a price on it and instead going with a chat-first, then proposal approach.

Thanks again to @kalenjordan for the suggestion!

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Good man! Just tweeted you out to my magento peeps!