Feedback for our new landing page

Hi there,

we are currently working on the relaunch of our service and want to try a more productized approch. Would a few of you look over the new page (not live yet) and give some feedback? Would be to kind of you :smile:

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No idea what I get for $99 a month.

My feedback is similar to what @johnf was saying.

I have a Shopify online store but I’m not sure why would I want to use yout service.

After taking a look at your landing page, this is still not clear to me:

  • Which problem does your service solve? (i.e. “technically outdated site” is too abstract IMO…)
  • How would I make more money by using it?
  • How could your service improve my actual day to day? (save time, remove frustrating tasks…)

Hope it helps!

Same… The word improvement is repeated way too many times without really ever giving an example. Do you custom code improvements or just implement fixes? Do you add features if you see it’s not performing well?

Thank you for the feedback!

I just updated the site to (hopefully) make the value proposition more clear. I’m thinking about adding one or two case studies to give a more detailed example of the service. What do you think?

Case studies or testimonials would definitely help. Its just not clear what we are getting. Its like you took a saas landing page template and tried to directly apply it to your consulting business, which is not exactly “productized” at the moment. What is the difference between this and just hiring a web developer or agency?

I don’t know how painful is the problem you’re targeting, nor who is exactly your customer persona, but the message is clearer IMO.

Hi, now the messaging is clear - i understand the proposition but i’m not sure how “real” this problem is and who you guys are trying to target. I assume people who have an online presence but don’t have a tech team? Looks pretty pricey if that’s the type of customer you’re targeting.

@danielherken - Good rewrite; the value proposition is much clearer now. Whether there’s a market willing to buy is for you to find out, but what you’re saying on the landing page is great.

Thanks again! Great crowd here!

I’ve done some customer development and it seems that my initial idea missed the pain point by far. Bases on the feedback I’ve modified my target customer:

“Small business owners without a tech department or inhouse developers who depend on their website to capture leads or make money”

Based on this I’ve modified the lading page:

Maybe someone would like to give feedback again?

Probably too late for this, but from the domain I assumed this was an email service. Browse Email.