Feedback exchange: give feedback to receive feedback!

During the last few months, it’s been really hard for me to get feedback on my startup ideas. Having followed several forums for a while, I have come to realize that most posts requesting feedback have very few answers. I’m building a site where people like me can get feedback on their ideas by giving feedback on other people’s ideas. Basically, you give feedback to someone (by filling up a form, commenting on their landing page, etc) and in order for them to see it, they have to give you feedback.

If you are willing to use something like this or have any questions feel free to comment or fill out this form (it just asks for recommendations and an email to get back to you):

So you realized that nobody wants to take time to give feedback, and you building a site to give feedback (something that nobody wants to take time to do)? Don’t you believe that your idea is doomed from the very inception?

Please do not think I’m trying to hurt your feelings or something. I’m just trying to save you from wasting time. And I think you’re wasting time.

People who do want to give feedback, do that in the forums. People who do not have time to give feedback, won’t do that on a custom platform, either.

There is also a question of quality. Suppose I have a constructive, honest feedback (like the one I’m providing to you now). I can provide it because I’m somewhat familiar with giving feedback (i.e. your idea domain). But what are the chances that you’re familiar with my domain (mock services for SOAP and REST in enterprise environments)? I estimate them as low. Then what kind of feedback am I going to get in return? Probably not very valuable.

Hence the whole idea of exchange of valuable feedback begins to look questionable - the exchange may happen, but is it a valuable one?

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