Featuring mini-course offer vs. book offer

I have a site, AngularOnRails.com, that’s been doing pretty well lately. I launched a book about two weeks ago that has done a little over $1300 so far in sales. My email list grows by about 40 subscribers a week.

Although book sales have been good so far I want them to be better (duh).

Right now I’m not featuring the book very prominently on my site. (Here’s a deep page so you can see an example.)

My thinking is that if somebody visits my site, I have an opportunity to sell the book to them about once, but if someone subscribes to my email list, I can sell the book (and other future products) to them over and over again indefinitely.

I’m kind of copying Ramit Sethi’s apparent strategy: all roads lead to his email list. He doesn’t sell anything on his site (as far as I can tell), he only sells stuff through his email list.

I believe my thinking is right, I just wanna put this out there for feedback so I can stop this nagging voice in the back of my head.

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Test it? You can give it a prominent placement for a bit, see what sales look like, and add all buyers to your list anyway. They’ve already bought from you so you know they’re warmed up.

What would a negative outcome look like? Reduced buys + reduced subscribers?

Have you considered doing different versions for different backends? For example, I think an Angular on Node would be popular. I have been doing a bit of Node recently and it is super easy to pick up.

@Richard I guess testing it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Yeah, negative outcome would be fewer sales and subscribers.

@craigvn For the foreseeable future I plan to focus exclusively and deeply on just Angular + Rails. I’m not sure where I’ll want to go after that.