Fantastic Notes from MicroConf 2015

Hi folks,

here are some fantastically detailed notes taken by Kai Davis at this year’s MicroConf in Vegas.

If you didn’t attend, there are MANY gems in there.



That’s a great write up - thanks for sharing it!

Here’s something I’ve asked on twitter, for those who attended:

What 1 thing (or 3 things) did you learn that you think will make the conference pay for itself?

Looks like it was a great time; I hope I can attend next year.

Thanks for posting this.

Many thanks for sharing, this gives me a big sense of the value of the conf. I was in Vegas this week for another convention for my “day” job but do plan to be in a position this time next year when my SaaS is launched and attending this would be great for me. Appreciate it.