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Failory January Report: 30,663 Page Views, 4,136 Email Subscribers and $763.16


Hey Bootstrapped.fm!

I’m Rich, maker of Failory, a content site for entrepreneurs and startup founders. A long time ago, I turned Failory into an Open startup and started sharing my numbers, metrics, and strategies. Today, I published January’s monthly report.

January has been the best month in terms of revenue since I started the project 16 months ago, which is why I am so excited about this report.

I was able to make $763.16, receive 30,663 page views and sum 4,136 email subscribers. The funniest thing is that it was the month in which I worked the less amount of time! I took a two-week holiday and I didn’t even pick the computer during that time.

The reason why I made this money is that I believe I have finally found the perfect monetization strategy to monetize the site: sponsorship packages and affiliate links to startup-related tools. The money came from:

There isn’t any magic behind, but I was having lots of problem with monetization. What do you think about it?


Congrats! I often find that the months I do the least are the best performing too - funny how that works (of course it’s short lived, though).

Curious about that GenM program you’re promoting - sounds too good to be true. Have you tried it?


Hey @shanelabs!

It was quite funny and surprising that I dedicated only a few hours in the hole month and I was able to make so much money!

As for Genm, I’m currently trying it and have hired 4 / 5 apprentices to help me with content creation, SEO and social networks. Things to take into consideration:

  • You will need to spend some weekly time managing the apprentice and helping him/her learn about digital marketing. You need to get involved in their education.
  • Finding high-quality work is usually quite difficult, but still possible. Spend some time selecting the right apprentices.
  • Consider that you will have to dedicate some time every 3 months to reach many apprentices and schedule calls with them.

The rest is all benefits. The price is crazy and the help these apprentices can provide is great. Make sure to use my link if you want to sign up, you would help me a lot!

Cheers and sorry for my delay!