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Failory in February: 71,781 Page Views, 4,338 Email Subscribers and $755.12


Hey Discusss Bootstrapped! I’m Rich, the founder of a website called Failory where I weekly publish startup-related content.

I started the site one year and a half ago and in December of 2017, I turned the site into an open startup. This means that I am openly sharing the metrics and analytics of the website. One of the things I do is to write monthly reports detailing what I worked in and the results.

After 11 days of being busy, I have finally had some time to write February’s monthly report and, as I am really happy with this month’s stats and how the article came out, I thought it was a cool idea to share it :wink:

I know you are busy people so I’ve also written a summary of this +3,000-words article, which you can find here. But if you have some time, I recommend you to check out the entire article below!!

Would love to learn what you think about my monetization strategy. I was thinking about trying some ADs networks such as Mediavine. Should I try it or keep using sponsorships?