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Failory December Report: 67,093 Page Views, 7,014 Email Subscribers and $210,47



It’s Rich, maker of Failory, where I weekly publish startup-related content. I spent a long time without publishing any new monthly reports on the site, as I wasn’t having much time to work on it. However, in December I spent lots of hours boosting it and wanted to share how did that went.

That’s why yesterday I wrote and publish this 3,300-word article.

But for the ones who don’t have too much time to read it all, here is a short summary of the most interesting things.

  1. I launched Failory 2.0! After spending lots of months building new features on the site, I decided that it was the time of re-designing the homepage so as to show these new tools I’d built. But I turned to perfectionists and decided to re-design the entire site.

  2. I launched it on Product Hunt, Hacker News, Designer News, and other communities. It meant 10,376 users and +800 email subscribers! You can find more about the strategies I used in the article. But, all in all, it was a complete success!

  3. I kept improving Startup Cemetery, a tool in which I have analyzed why +100 companies have failed. But I have to just fucking publish it!

  4. I had many calls with consultants on GrowthMentor, a cool mentoring platform. They all gave me important feedback on the project and tips that I am carrying out right now. Totally recommend this platform to you all!

  5. I read a lot! I am happy about this - I had some free time to read over 100 articles and listen to over 170 podcasts (most of them were less than 20 minutes, I’m not that crazy!).

  6. I signed up to Genm, where I have hired a digital marketing apprentice to work with me on Failory’s interviews and promotion. I also joined their affiliate program and was able to make $100.

  7. I published two articles/interviews every week of December! This paid off as it meant a lot more traffic and getting viral on Hacker News twice. One interview got 11,854 page views in 3 days.

  8. I set up goals in Google Analytics! Yeah… I spent 16 months working on Failory and I didn’t have goals on GA. I was lazy to learn about Google Tag Manager. But I found a cool course and was able to set up everything correct within a few hours.

  9. I sold many sponsorships! Only 2 for newsletters in December, but 3 for January and “The Everything Package” for February (and probably for April!). More about this package on the next tweet, but it was the best decision I have made in Failory since I started it.

  10. I added “The Everything Package” to Failory’s sponsors’ page. Its a way businesses have to sponsor the complete site and newsletter. It is priced at $650 and the estimated clicks are over 800. I am testing this, but if it works, I will probably make it more expensive soon.

  11. Podcast, yes or no? I have been thinking about this for the entire month. That’s why I have created this short survey to know your opinion about it. Would love if you could take three minutes to answer it!

  12. I carried out a customer research survey on Failory 7,000 email subscribers list. It went pretty well and it gave me useful insights about my audience, what they read, where do they spend their time and what they want on Failory.

  13. I created a cool spreadsheet to track 2019 Failory’s metrics and goals. Main 2019 goal: Achieve $6,000 in annual revenue. This means $500/month.

  14. Final numbers:

    • 30,024 users
    • 37,947 sessions
    • 67,093 page views
    • +1000 new email subscribers (7,014 in total)
    • $210,47 in revenue
    • $167 in expenses
    • $43,47 in profit

I believe $43,47 in profit sucks. For the number of users and email subscribers I have, I believe I should be making much more money.

Does anyone have any experience monetizing a site like this?

I would love to know you opinion about the monetization strategies that I should be using!


I have no experience monetizing a site like this, but I’m sure that if you want to monetize something, you should prominently show that you’re actually selling that something.

For instance, you have a e-book, but it is hidden and have only a very inconspicuous link to it under tools. The “10 great XXX” lists are also hidden. I’d put them in rotation on the front page as well.

In short, it looks to me you’re too shy to ask for money.


Hey @rfctr! I went on a two-week holiday and couldn’t answer your message before :wink:

I 100% agree with you that I am too shy and find difficult to ask for money. I am always thinking that I don’t have enough knowledge to ask someone else to pay me for something.

Lately, I have kind off found a great way to monetize the site with sponsorships and affiliate programs. In January (I will probably publish the monthly report in a few days) I was able to make $750 and in February I have already made $1000! Not that much, but I have multiplied by 4/5 what I was making before!


Congratulations Rich! I’ve been going through your monthly reports and I find them really insightful.

Might be a little off-topic, but how long does it take you to compile these monthly reports? They’re very detailed and I was wondering how you go about compiling them!


Hey Amr!

Congratulations on launching the Open Startups in PH today :wink:

That’s actually a really great question. I used to write every day in an app called “Day One” all the things that I worked each day. This way, when I had to write the monthly report, I just read the notes and compile them. Right now, I am logging all my tasks on an online community called Makerlog. This is helping me keep more productive and, at the end of the month, read what I have worked in.

Btw, I have just published January’s monthly report!