Facebook Adverts / Independant Metrics


I just tried out Facebook adverts for the first time, for a side project (www.fuckm.fm a crowd sourced music video site).

Does any one else have experience of Facebooks’ metrics not measuring up to Google Analytics and other analytics? I know the different systems will have different standards to measure a ‘visit’, but the numbers seems out by about 50%. Seems I’m not the only person noticing the discrepancies.

This essentially comes down to trust, and Facebook is a closed garden. I know online gambling sites have a requirement for independent certification of their random number generators. Is there any independent body that regulates metrics for online advertising?



I just looked into this problem in depth: http://jamespanderson.tumblr.com/post/81672314715/facebook-cpc-dont-waste-your-money

Hey @jamespanderson,

Nice results, seems Facebook need to buck up otherwise they are going to lose market trust. The suggestion for on site tracking seems logical.

I’ll be interested to see how this develops, I suspect the business case for not fixing this is too strong.