Facebook ad fraud

In case any of you are advertising on Facebook and haven’t seen this yet. Facebook fraud.

Thank you for sharing this. You know, now that you mention this I was thinking the results I was getting from Facebook Ads seemed fake. I tried Facebook Ads recently to drive traffic to a landing page I have. I was getting a lot of like but the likes were not converting at all. 100% of the Likes failed to convert.

One might say the landing page may be the problem but the FB page receiving the likes had much less information. People liked but very few even clicked the link to the landing page.

I would say it’s worth considering if you are thinking about FB ads.

Anyone got a text version of this? 10 minutes of video watching can probably be distilled into 1 minute of reading.

You can pay ‘like farms’ to like your page. This is not allowed by FB. These like farms are also randomly liking thousands of other pages at random to hide their nefarious activities from FB. If you pay FB for likes many (most?) of them will be from like farms, i.e. totally worthless.