Examples of "Sign-up in Advance" landing pages that convert well

You know those pages that say something like:

“I’m writing a wonderful ebook that will be perfect for you! Want me to tell you when it’s done. Then give me your email address and not only will you be the first to know, you’ll also be able to get it with a hefty discount.”

I’m looking for some great examples and/or guidelines for creating them that are good at attracting traffic and converting well. Got any good links or tips?

Our Bootstrapper friend @scottw has a service for this http://www.kickofflabs.com/ so you might want to check that out as a solution or if nothing else I’m sure you can get great ideas there. I know they’ve put a lot of effort into optimizing it all.

Give this quora post a peek > https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-examples-of-great-Beta-signup-pages

That’s fresh. I took a long hard look at them for e-mail marketing. Even though I didn’t go with them, it still looks like an awesome service.