Episode 54, "This is worse than Seinfeld"


Some product updates, yada yada yada, this is embarrassing.

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No, it’s going to be fantastic. I’ve bombed through every podcast you’ve made in the last month and I’ve been aching for this one. Aching. One can’t go from three a day to zero for a week without some expectation build-up.

It’s going to be so fricken awesome they’ll be singing songs about it for years.

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hahaha I like your attitude.

I thought “Interstellar” was a very silly film. I can’t tell you how much it annoyed me that they landed on a planet with massive gravitational time dilation and then took off again! Also any planet in that strong a gravitational field would be ripped apart by tidal forces. I know lots of sci fi films have silly physics and that’s fine, but they made a big play of getting the physics right in this film.

Yeah, something was certainly off with it. This is why it needed little green men!

I think you guys reached peek kurmudgeony software bootstrapper in this episode.


Now we’re getting somewhere.

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