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Episode 18 of - call for questions and topics


On episode 18 of, our special guest will be Chase Clemons of 37signals and SupportOps. Chase will be talking about providing customer support in a bootstrapped software company.

If anyone has any questions or topics for Chase, please post them here, or send them to me or @ian.


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How do the three of you approach the documentation process for your projects? Do you write a manual at the end then build the FAQ from actual questions? Or speculative FAQ first and documentation later if ever? Screencasts instead of docs? Just curious about successful and unsuccessful approaches.



We just wrapped up recording, but we did touch on this actually. Too much to go through from memory, but of course having great FAQs is nice, but often not practical to create in depth ones when you first start out. You’ll want to get up anything that’s truly required and then chip away at it. Recorded demo’s can also be a nice sales resource.