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Hey entrepreneurs! :man_technologist:t3:


Rich Clominson, co-founder of Failory here! Today I bring you a special gift :wink: We have just launched Entrepreneurial Lists, a directory with curated lists of resources & tools for entrepreneurs. In case you are too busy with your business and don’t have the time to check it out, here are (in my opinion) the best 5 curated lists you will find on the website:


:rocket: 21 People You Should Be Following On Twitter

- @levelsio
- @ajlkn
- @bramk
- @mubashariqbal
- @csallen
- @danielkempe
- @sethlouey
- @marckohlbrugge
- @patio11
- @AndreyAzimov
- @gola99
- @FredRivett
- @chrismessina
- @dhh
- @mijustin
- @ernstmul
- @Yoroomie
- @MatthewSpurr
- @steveschoger
- @cliffordoravec
- @tjholowaychuk


:pray:t3: 19 Communities You Should Be Part Of

- WIP Chat
- Startup Chat
- Nomad List
- Indie Hackers
- Designer News
- StartupScene
- Hacker News
- Growth Hackers
- Bootstrapped
- Barnacles
- Inbound
- #Launch
- Remotive
- 10XFactory
- Designership
- FounderCafe
- Changelog
- StartupXChange
- Remote


:studio_microphone: 14 Awesome Podcasts You Should Listen

- StartUp Podcast
- How I Built This
- The Indie Hackers Podcast
- Hack The Entrepreneur
- Noah Kagan Presents
- Hack To Start
- Early-Stage Founder
- Growth Marketing Toolbox
- Copyblogger FM
- The GaryVee Audio Experience
- The Smart Passive Income Podcast
- Rocketship.fm
- The Pitch
- Product People


:eye: 22 Youtube Channels You Should Follow

- Casey Neistat
- GaryVee
- Tai Lopez
- Vanessa Van Edwards
- Neil Patel
- Noah Kagan
- Keep Productive
- Brian Dean
- Growth Everywhere
- Pat Flynn
- Alex Ikonn
- Chase Reiner SEO
- Alex Becker
- Dennis Cortes
- CharliMarieTV
- Project Life Mastery
- Franklin Hatchett
- Miles Beckler
- Moz
- FightMediocrity
- Improvement Pill
- Y Combinator


:open_book: 14 Free Entrepreneurial e-Books

- 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster - Hiten Shah
- Built from 12 years and 83,232,461 visits - Hiten Shah
- Design for Business - Tubik
- Pay me or else! - Lior Frenkel
- Project Management Tactics for Pros - Netguru
- Managing Digital Projects - Acctive Collab
- The BAMF Bible - Josh Fechter
- The BAMF Content Machine - Josh Fechter
- The Fundraising Field Guide - Carlos Espinal
- Startup Playbook - Sam Altman
- Brick by Brick - Sacha Greif
- The Lean Validation Playbook - Jon Lay & Zsolt Kocsmárszky
- Learning to Launch - Fred Rivett & Mike Gatward
- 90-Day Marketing Plan - Ops Calendar


You should definitely check Entrepreneurial Lists if you are an entrepreneur. Especially if you are a digital one! Any feedback is well-received and don’t forget to help us decide which list should we add next, by completing the poll in the lowest part of the website.

Hope you find them useful!

… then it is logical to spend even more time on Internet:

Right. Sounds like a plan.

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It was just a joke :wink:

BTW, I listen to podcasts and youtube videos while I work on Failory, and I use communities to interact with people who can be potential customers.

Thanks for the list!
But… why did you use “should” word 6 times? Do you really think people should listen to, read, or whatever items from this list?

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Hmm that is true. I will now change it :wink:

Well, the problem is if they really would listen to and read all the items there is no time left for them to work on their projects.

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Yes, it is more like a click bait technique maybe.

I’d just change the targeting. Instead of “you are too busy with your business”, I’d aim it at “you want to have your own business but do not know what it takes”. Then immersing yourself into the world of acting entrepreneurs is a logical thing.