Email template creation talent?

My service,, delivers an email-based alert to my subscribers when events they are interested in happen on a specific enthusiast forum (like The body of the email usually contains the body of one or more forum posts (like this one) along with some metrics and annotations highlighting what the customer is interested in tracking.

Since this is delivered via email I use HTML and in-line styling to bring some order and consistency in how the content is presented to the customer. To date I built everything myself but with a recent platform update I’d like to “professionalize” the look of the emails. I’ve attached an example that I like from a service I use -

Would anyone have recommendations of an independent freelancer or someone that you’ve worked with on Fivver or similar services? It may be that I need a couple of recommendations - a designer and someone who is very fluent in building templates that play nicely across desktop email clients (AirMail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc) as well as browser-based email like Gmail.

Thanks for any recommendations you can provide!


Not a designer but I used these for some inspiration.

Clean and simple, nothing fancy, which IMO is better for email.


Hi Mark,

I’ve recently used these guys for something similar:


Pietro - thank you! I’ll contact them and see what they may be able to do toward what I have in mind.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check them out from my generalized email needs. For the daily transactional emails going to my customers I’ll need something a bit more complex to support their needs.

Thanks again!