Email support form with Intercom?

If you have a chat tool like Intercom on your site do you still have an email support form as well? We currently have both and while I think it’s working out well thus far, I wonder if it makes sense to focus just on one method of communication or the other. Interested to hear others experiences.


I see that intercom sometimes gets blocked by adblockers or such. So, at least as fallback I’d provide a form or support email.

By the way, you can pipe your form or email into intercom, so it doesn’t matter for you in the backend.

I agree with @unboot that a mail method is a good fallback plan for ad blockers of browsers with Javascript turned off.

You can also automatically redirect support emails to your Intercom for a seamless integration and tracking.

Yep, good call. that’s how we have it set up now, a Gravity Form on our support page, but going to be switching to the Educate module from Intercom for our support page soon and will lose that option. May just stick a contact page in the footer or something.

thanks for the suggestions.

We put our support@ email address on our contact page, and that gets routed to Intercom, so we keep all our conversations in one place.

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