Email metrics app demo (video)

Hey guys,
I was asking you to fill a survey a little earlier and I thought it might be hard to explain something visual with text so I made a demo of my app and a video explaining it.

I’d like to get your feedback on the product now that you can see it and hopefully you can see where I am going with it too.

I think I get what you’re trying to do with the stats and how it would differ from ones built into existing solutions.

Personally I think you need to focus on one niche (e.g. not newsletter ‘blasts’ keep to SaaS notification emails) and figure out a way to explain in 10 to 30 seconds what your solution does that existing ones don’t (its a crowded niche).

Also - speaking personally a key req. for me to even glance at this would be if you somehow integrate and pick up stats from existing services. The chance of me switching to your service to send emails would be close to zero as its just too much risk and inertia unless I was already convinced beyond doubt about your apps value.

Just my 2c worth - good luck!

Thanks Rhino, I will use the data that you have in Mandrill+Mailchimp and Google Analytics so that checks out.

I am also focusing on SaaS here, thats why the app name is SaasNumbers.

I’ll make sure to emphasise that more next itme.

I had some questions about the difference to analytics tools in general, like Google Analytics and Woopra.

GA/Woopra are great, but the tools are very different. The classical analytics app is where if you have a question and can formulate it correctly, they will answer.

On the other hand, SaasNumbers presents you with answers to things typical SaaS company will want to know, without the need of coming up and formulating the question in the tool’s UI. It gives you answers to the top questions SaaS companies have. Using the data that you have, but would normally require manual work with a developer to get.

I am starting with email, which is the #1 tool for getting your new/trialing users to go back to the app and re-activating the regular users.

The approach is to bring your attention to:

  1. what you’re sending right after they signup and how you communicate in the following weeks when trial ends (dashboard #2).
  2. whats your noise rate, when it occurs (ie. are you sending too many emails on day 2?) and how it affects the open rate / goal completions of your key emails, that drive activation (dashboard #3)

The app will grow as more best practices are added and I am also thinking about notifying you when a big change occurs (like some of your email’s starts to convert better/worse)

Hey guys, I’ve made a landing page for the app and also took a stab at the copy.

What do you think?

I want to have something out so I can reach out to people with a short email and have the url there in case they’re interested.

PS: the app’s name is most likely going to change.