[Email Marketing - Got Questions?] Here's My Introduction

Hey guys! I’m new to the community and wanted to introduce myself.

I don’t like long walks down the beach, but I do like helping people solve business problems. Specifically I live, eat, sleep, and breathe Email Marketing.

Hence, my new Startup - Recap (done-for-you email marketing).

If you have questions about how to get the most out of your email list, please let me know. Would love to help you out!

Hey. Welcome buddy. Can you link to your biz? Sounds interesting.

Apparently I can’t hyperlink the domain because I’m new here, but its RecapMail.com

Heres the link:


Thanks for sharing the link. Not sure how long I have to be on here before I can post links.

Would love to answer questions for anyone on email marketing for your startup.

How are your lifecycle emails performing?

What’s a lifecycle email?

A lifecycle email is that first set of emails you send to subscribers to your trial or signed up for your list. Those emails should be continually marketing your tool/service/product by giving them compelling reasons to use it thus engaging them to become full time customers.

Most people know trial users get cold because they get busy. Give them tips, ideas, inspire them and watch them grow into customers.

What are the biggest pain points your tool/service/product can solve? Write case studies around how you’ve solved that problem and put them in your lifecycle emails.

You can also create triggered emails based upon how many times someone logs in or uses the service.

Lots of ideas.


@Mark_Santiago nice little service Mark!

You’re welcome Kalen. Let me know if you have any questions about email marketing I can help you with.

Hello, I am also new to this forum and I am here to share my knowledge and get your.

Interested in this one, email marketing is a real missed opportunity for me both for selling but also onboarding - the list is there but the juices just don’t flow so it either doesn’t get done or is rubbush :confused:

Hi Natural. That’s extremely common, especially if marketing/writing is not your main offering.

A few things to focus on:

  1. Pain points of your customers. Draw them in through stories, especially the painful ones. Make a list of past customers and their pain points that your bus/software helped them solve. Then write your emails around that concept.

  2. How are people trying to solve their problem now (BEFORE your solution). Then show them why your solution is better.

Email is about story. Telling a compelling story that taps into the conversation already happening in your prospects mind to get them to take a SPECIFIC action.

Just FYI, if you’d like to continue the conversation I offer a 15 minute chat here: (copy and paste - can’t post links yet)


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