Email analytics app survey

Hey guys,
I am going to build an email analytics app focused primarily on SaaS app owners and would appreciate your feedback on the core features to build.

The form will take 2 minutes to fill and will help me stay on the right course for next months.

You can also leave your email if you want to be the first to try it :slightly_smiling:

If you have any feedback on the form itself, let me know here.


All of the Email Service Providers I looked at (Mailchimp, etc.) seem to already have this.

How do you think your potential customers are (or would) send emails of this sort?

Would this take an HTML email as input and output the email with tagged links, so that the tracking is all done in the your app?

For me, that would be useful for use with Mixpanel (which is primarily an analytics service for webapps and mobile apps, but also has transactional emails. But the tracking is a bit limited. It doesn’t track the embededed links the way, say, CampaignMonitor (and I think Mailchimp) would do.


Hi Clay,
the tools already have some numbers but I find the problem lies in:

  1. Not looking at the numbers frequently, unless email marketing is already your thing
  2. Having everything in one place - if you’re using multiple tools, you’d have to log into each one
  3. Cleaning up the data - if you send emails using mandrill from code, like a lot of SaaS companies do, the data needs to be cleaned up first and similar emails merged.
  4. Merging data from multiple sources - more in depth insights can be achieved once you add google analytics data, and even Intercom data

As email is the tool bringin your users back to your app, I think its worth looking at more seriously than what I think most of us do, especially when you don’t have dedicated people to do it, or you’re flying solo and don’t have time to mess around.

Would this take an HTML email as input and output the email with tagged links, so that the tracking is all done in the your app?

If not, how would it work (or what does the “workflow” look like if I’m sending emails through a variety of services.

(And, yes, you are quite correct, with #2 and #4), for us at least.

Hi Clay,
going back to what I said earlier, its about making it easy to monitor your emails performance and taking the data thats already there and in case of Google Analytics merging them with the other data, so no change is needed on your part.

Does that make sense? (And does it sound interesting?)

Thanks to everyone who filled in the survey!
I’ve made a video showing a demo of the product.

How would you go about getting feedback and early customers?
From what I read (and seen), both AdWords and Fb ads are quire expensive.