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Easy way to setup Landing Page, Email and Interest Form


Hello, I’m starting to look into a new idea and would like to setup a landing page, interest form and email account on a custom domain so that I can start talking to prospective customers about a potential product. Some time ago I came across a service that I recall offered these things and seemed ideal but I can’t for the life of me recall the name of it. Does anyone know of such a service or have any suggestions for how best to get setup these items?



LaunchRock can do that for you: http://launchrock.co


Kickoff Labs does a great job of this - http://www.kickofflabs.com/


Wow, cheapest plan is $29 a month. I guess they took the ‘raise your prices’ advice to heart!

You can use a Google spreadsheet/survey thing to collect email addresses, with a static web site, which requires very little resources to host. I did that here:



Very nice, never thought of using Google spreadsheet. If only I’d seen this a week ago

Fwiw I used a cheap hosting service (€5/month), installed Wordpress with the Launch Effect theme and connected it with free account for Mailchimp. Works pretty nicely. I’ve posted a job on Elance to make it pretty though


Wow that looks great, never would have guessed it was dumping it into a google spreadsheet!


I guess “easy” depends on your perspective :slight_smile: Here’s what I ended up doing for my first landing page: A Developer’s First Landing Page


Coming Soon Pro (WordPress plugin) is a decent way to get a landing page up and collecting email addresses.