Easy Data Transform

I have been working on a new product:

You might find it useful if you have table or list data to merge, filter, deduplicate or otherwise manipulate. Currently it is free.

If you try it, I would be interested to hear how you get on.

I would also be interested to hear if anyone has experience in this or related markets.


Good luck Andy. From what I’ve seen so far, I think this has strong potential to be a successful product.

BTW: I think launching a desktop app in 2019 still makes sense. These days some good products are being sold as desktop products, while using a subscription payment model. For example, Sitebulb.


I think a subscription model makes sense for the vendor And I think the market is ready for subscription desktop software. We’ll see!

Andy, let us know when you start offering a marketplace for third-party plugins. I will jump right into it.

I am hoping that the built-in transforms will cover most people’s requirements.

But it would be interesting to allow third parties to add their own transforms as plugins. Maybe using a scripting language like Lua. Maybe also connectors to other data sources. But that is a fair way down the roadmap.

What sort of capabilities are you interested in adding?

Connectors to data sources, encryption/decryption/compression, etc.

Might be of interest, further down the line.

Andy, I’m interested as to why your two most recent (AFAIK) product launches have been horizontal? Seems quite a difficult thing to do for a small company.

I just get an idea for a product and it burns a hole into my brain, until I do something about it. Hopefully I will be able to find a niche within this market. Part of the reason I am doing an extended beta is try to try and find out more about the market.

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I think there will be a lot of niches…

What’s the status of HyperPlan (sorry if I missed some news)?

Hyper Plan is very much still for sale. In fact it recently got a spiffy new website.

Hi Andy,

I really like this idea. I had to implement CSV data import functionality for my program https://www.stockportfolioorganizer.com and ended up creating a combination of a dialog with options and for more advanced manipulation small JavaScript code snippets that can change values. I think your idea is far more intuitive and easier for users.

Thanks. I spent a long time thinking about it. But I need to do more usability testing to improve that first few minutes with the software.

Do your users do a lot of CSV/XLSX manipulation?

BTW Why is your product only priced in AUD? Are you only aiming at Australian customers?

@andy Initially when getting started users want to import trades from their broker and not enter them manually. If there isn’t already an existing template for their broker in the program they need to do some CSV manipulation in the importer to make the program understand the data. Usually it is straight forward but when it gets a bit more complex they need help.

I am aiming for international. When you click ‘Buy Now’ it takes you to the payment provider purchase page which should be in the users local currency. Should I remove the ‘AUD’ next to the price on my site?

Feel free to point them at EasyDataTransform. ;0)

I think showing your price in AUD is a mistake. It could be having a significant impact on your conversion rate.

A bet a lot of your target audience outside Aus have no idea what ‘AUD’ means. Even if they do, they probably have no idea what the exchange rate is.

I recommend you either show them a price in their local currency or you price in USD (which everyone knows). Obviously pricing in USD means that you are subject to currency fluctuations.

It isn’t that hard to put in some Javascript that looks up their country from their IP and shows a price in their local currency.

I agree with @Andy, use USD, since everyone will know what it is. It’s just a little friction in the flow…