East Midlands (UK) micropreneur meet-up?

I’m looking to start a bootstrappers/micropreneur meet-up group in the East Midlands, is anyone interested?

I had in mind a small community of bootstrappers to meet informally and discuss the issues they are currently facing and to network with likeminded individuals, if this sounds interesting, just let me know and we can then arrange a suitable date and location.

Sounds a good idea to me. I am based in Nottingham. Hope to meet new folks soon :smile:

Yep, I’m near Melton Mowbray. I’ve noticed there are a couple of things happening in Leicester and Nottingham, if you read the meetup.com notices.

@Moazam @gravelld Thanks for your interest, I was thinking about meeting for an evening once a month, perhaps something similar to the Denver Bootstrappers and Micropreneurs http://www.meetup.com/Bootstrappers-Lunch/ Is this what you guys had in mind?
So far I have interest from the following;
Stevie C, Marvin R, Nick W, Moazam and Dan G

Yes, sounds good. Kind of like a mastermind group? Is there a set way of running those types of sessions?