Dynalist helps you tackle complex problems and organize everything

Hey guys, it’s Erica from Dynalist.

We built Dynalist to help people be more productive. As the name suggests, you can use it to make “dynamic list”. If you’ve used outliner software before, you’ll find Dynalist familiar in a lot of ways.

Dynalist helps you be more productive in three major ways:

  1. Reduce information overload. In Dynalist, you can collapse things that you don’t need to see right now. You can also zoom into something you’re current working on, just like how you would zoom in on Google Maps to examine a smaller area.

  2. Make things more actionable. We all know that vague goals are no good. With Dynalist, you can break down tasks further and further, until everything seems actionable. You can convert a list to a checklist to signal that something is a task.

  3. Reduce context switching cost. I keep my everything in Dynalist and make bookmarks to my most frequently visited places. There’s also a quick file finder like the Ctrl+P menu in Sublime Text. Jumping between places is super easy. You can also insert links to anywhere in Dynalist, making Dynalist essentially your personal wiki.

I believe Dynalist can help any entrepreneur since we have so many things to keep track of. Our team use it to do everything ourselves, and it’s working out really nicely. Would love to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs! :slight_smile:

Link: https://dynalist.io

EDIT: typo in the link, oops

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Pretty cool, Erica!

My first list:

I have only myself to blame.


There are loads and loads of outliners. How is your different?

BTW A good place to get some feedback (but don’t do a hard sell) is: http://www.outlinersoftware.com/

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Not to be a negative Nancy, but I found it somewhat odd that your public roadmap is on a (from what I can tell) direct competitor to your product.


From a purely structural perspective though, “my wife says I need to by milk” shouldn’t be under “this is purty cool”…

Hi Andy,

I think I’m aware of the outliners you’re talking about! If you take a look at Wikipedia, there are way fewer browser based outlienrs than desktop based outliners: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outliner#Browser-based_outliners

I don’t exactly exactly know why that’s the case, but being a web app is definitely something that we do differently.

Among web-based outliners, Dynalist’s interface is closer to that of a text editor. By that I mean, you don’t see a box surrounding your list item when you edit it and you can create a new line by pressing Enter rather than clicking on some button.

In this way, Dynalist is most similar to WorkFlowy, which unfortunately hasn’t had much development in the past 2-3 years. This is pretty much why we started Dynalist, since we see so much untapped potential in this format.

I often think of Dynalist as something quite different because of some of the visions we have that could unify the different visual representations of the same underlying data. This is not implemented yet, so I wouldn’t say it’s something unique about Dynalist, but you can read more here if you’re interested: http://blog.dynalist.io/clone/

Great point!

In fact, we considered using Dynalist itself as the public roadmap. Our about page is on Dynalist. Our help page used to be on Dynalist, until I realized that if a user needs help about Dynalist, meaning he’s probably new to Dynalist, forcing them to using Dynalist to search our help center is not that user friendly, so we moved to Wordpress.

Regarding the roadmap, we chose Trello primary because of the voting feature. We don’t plan to add voting to Dynalist, so it’s a deal breaker for us. Dynalist doesn’t have a commenting system either, but we needed it half a year ago. That’s why we chose Trello. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing to always use your own thing. In the case of our help center, we chose to use some other solution that would probably be provide a more friendly experience for the users. It’s all about using the most suitable tool, and a little about letting go of your ego as well. I have to admit that Dynalist is not great for absolutely everything.

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