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Hi all, I am a teenage iOS programmer and writing an eBook about iOS programming for Teens. I am not having much luck getting email registrations for my eBook. This could mean that there is not much interest for my upcoming book out there. What is the best way to draw traffic to my landing page http://www.CongenialApps.com/Books

I’ll give you general and specific advice.

General: Ian and Andrey have talked about this, but just putting a landing page and expecting people to sign up isn’t enough. People won’t care, as they have no idea what they’re talking about (in spite of all these blogs saying that all you need to do is put up a landing page, get 10,000 signups, and retire to Bahamas with your secretary). You need to give away sample chapters, free code etc. Something that is complete, and that will allow the programmers to say “I want to know more, I want this book.”

Specifically: I found a few problems. I’m not sure who your book is targeted at. You say teens, but in a blog post you talk to their parents. Are you selling to parents or kids? Because forcing parents to buy a book will not help you, as the kids won’t read it, and you will get no word of mouth. It’s been a long time since I was 15 (and I have no kids), so I don’t know how effective your strategy is. Any people with teenage children, please chime in.

You have written blog posts, which is good. I’m sure you are promoting them as well. But I noticed there is no link to your book page at the end. You must have a direct action. “Like this? I will cover more in my book. Sign up here.”

And finally, are you sure you just aren’t getting impatient? The people who subscribe to your list is miniscule- I have heard figures like 0.2 - 2%. To give you an example, one of my posts got 10,000 views in a few hours, but only 30 signups. Now, by optimising I could have taken the number up a bit, but not that up.

So my advice is keep writing your book, release a few chapters, and really tighten your message. Justin Jackson just wrote a blog on this topic. Compare what hes doing to what you’re doing.

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Thanks for your generous response. I very much appreciate it…

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