DoLike - More awareness for your Instagram account

We just launched a new web app to help Instagram users get more followers. It’s called DoLike and will like photos on your behalf, based on hashtags that you define.

People get notified on Instagram when you like their photos, and we found that it really boosts the awareness of our accounts, so we made this tool available now as a service for everyone.

We have several clients that we worked with before and that are now actively using DoLike and they are very happy. If you don’t want to buy fake followers that might get deleted and then are just gone from your account, try our tool. It uses the API and always stays within all the limits, so you don’t have to do anything else once you set it up.

There’s a free account, so please try it and leave feedback, good or bad. I’d really appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks!

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The landing page of your site is cool, but fairly disorganized. The jumbotron opening is great, but then you immediately go into a chaotic group of features, which is super distracting to the eye. It makes it so you don’t know where to look.

I suggest moving the bottom section, How it Works, so that it falls inbetween the features and the jumbotron “Like like a pro. Premium like…” section.

Also, I’d switch out this sentence “Let us do the work, while you get more exposure, more awareness.” which something different. You want to hit people emotionally so that it hooks them into the site and makes them want to read more. I liked the first sentence in this post, so maybe go with something more like, “Boost your Instagram by automatically liking photos based on a hashtag you define.” That sounds a bit rough to me to me, but it sums up the who, what, why, and how of DoLike in one sentence.

Landing pages are tough. My team is still in the process of tweaking ours so that it completely makes sense. Good work though and cool app! I’d be happy to keep trading critiques with you since I’m literally in the same boat.

Thank you for the feedback. I think you are right, I moved the sections and find it to be better for the eye. Will also think about the jumbotron sentences some more. Do you think it’d be okay to put “automatically” there? I’m actually a bit afraid that people think “whow, that sounds spammy” and wanted to make the branding more professional and “premium”.

Did you consider Instagram for Gallactic Collective? You could feature some creatives and their work there.

Yeah, the DoLike site looks WAY better with the simple change. From a customer’s perspective the flow of information is a lot more clear and concise.

I’d personally be fine with using the word “automatically” but I agree that it could seem spammy to other people. Get a few more opinions on that one before pushing it live.

And yes, I’ve definitely considered Instagram for Galactic Collective and will be creating one soon, once we are a little farther along in the build process, and I plan on using it exactly how you described (featuring creatives and work). I’d love to try out DoLike once we’re ready for the initial push, especially since we plan on creating a hashtag to use across a variety of social sites.

Have you thought about pushing out DoLike to some of the beta test sites? It might help you get a couple of people in there to test it out, give feedback, and spread the word.