Does Anyone Run a Pure API business?

Just interested to hear about what issues you have, what kind of product you run and any ideas on promotion etc etc.


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Since nobody asks, I will – what a “pure API” business is? is a business that I would consider “Pure API”. So their main business offering is just an API.

Their main business is to offer data. Which are delivered by the means of API, yes.

But the data are the necessary part; without API they could sell the same data by sending an Excel spreadsheet every morning, and could still make some money.

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I’m not sure if that answers my original question.

It would depend on what market/customers you are targeting. Pure Api is too vague.

Some fields may allow pure APIs, some will not. It depends on the technical level of your customers.

So the question becomes: Who are your customers, what are they looking for, and what will they accept (api? Excel?)