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Does anyone have any experience with AppSumo?


I hear a lot about AppSumo and how it can do a lot to get a product name out there. Much of the positive media stories seem to come from a few years ago so I’m not sure if it’s still as powerful as it was.

Has anyone had a product featured on AppSumo? Or had one turned down? Any insights either way?

I noticed that their submission page seems to have vanished into a 404, as has most of their pages indexed by google.


Fascinating read here. https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/how-we-made-160-000-in-two-weeks-launching-our-saas-on-appsumo-66e96edb1b

Recent too, very detailed. I think this will answer a lot of your questions.


Thanks for that. Some great detail there. I’ll chase up the guy who posted and see if he can help out with a submission email or contact.


I’ve heard that most do it because of the instant push in publicity and users. Not for the profit, as AppSumo is taking a big cut and the lifetime deals are not really helping your long term monetization.

But it may be interesting if you want to have a few hundred new users within a week to gain their insights, questions and feedback and if you see the cut for AppSumo as ad spending or research money…


People I know who have used AppSumo said it was mostly useful to get a nice surge of cash.

If your business is cash-strapped, and could do with some money up front to invest in further dev and marketing, consider it.

If you have a comfortable amount of cash in your business, AppSumo is probably not worthwhile.


It’s exposure I was looking for rather than a cash influx. Finally found a support email for them – on a cached Google page from a few weeks ago. It seems they’ve had a site redesign and all the old contact pages are gone, replaced by nothing. I’ll see what happens.


Taken from the FAQ:

Thanks for reaching out and being interest in working with us.

Please amaan@appsumo.com and submit more information to us and the deal team can then review your information, and will get in touch with you if they feel that your product is a good fit for AppSumo.