Documenting business processes

@Andy, I really love HyperPlan and the only thing holding it back from being implemented across the company where I’m working at the moment is that it’s not a web-app - no team collaboration. I’m sure you’ve put lots of thought into whether to create a web-based version. What are the reasons that you haven’t?

I was introduced to PipeDrive a few days back…and HyperPlan stomps all over it in terms of capabilities and usefulness to our team.

I did it as a desktop app because:

-richer user interface and less latency for the user
-differentiation (almost all the competition are web apps)
-I can develop desktop apps much faster than web apps
-I don’t like Javascript!

v1 was really about proving there is a market for the product. I didn’t want to spend time adding complex features like concurrency when I didn’t even know if there was any demand for it. Now I know there is a market, I am thinking about whether to support concurrency, either via a web version or client server. I quite like the idea of a ‘fat’ (native) client that can work standalone or connected to a server.

I wasn’t aware of PipeDrive.

If you can find a way to enable collaboration (doesn’t have to be realtime…but we don’t want to use network shares, DropBox etc…rather something more seamless - data stored in the cloud).

PipeDrive is for managing the sales funnel. I think we’re using it like some people use Excel to write lists ie: we’re not using the full capabilities. However, when one of our sales-people gave me a demo of PipeDrive, I then showed them HyperPlan - they almost fell off their seats. It has so way more capabilities. So, there is a niche landing page to think about. Also, it would really make managing our agile projects easier too.

HyperPlan has a lot of potential! Well done :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I am currently hard at work on Hyper Plan v2.0. Which is mostly ironing out the usability rough edges in v1.0. I am hoping to have a beta in a few weeks. But handling concurrency is certainly something I am also thinking about. I think the option to host your own server (rather than SaaS) would be very attractive to some people. Writing some content pages on how to handle a sales pipeline in Hyper Plan is also on the todo. Anyway, don’t want to hijack this thread…

To me one of the killer features of process at seems to be the ability to update a checklist template in one place and apply that to all instances at once.

You haven’t run into that issue with trello too much?

I’m still changing my todo lists frequently and have 4 instances of them (will soon be a lot more than that) so it’s come in handy.

I don’t find I need to update the same process (template) in multiple locations. If I update my process, I copy the updated version the next time I must complete it. It’s a linear process.

I assume you are referring to templates and instances like I have come to understand them checking out Process Street. I don’t see the need to update an instance once it is complete. And I have not documented processes that take an extended period of time.

I think the reason I like Trello so much is because of its flexibility and similarities to Excel. However, I prefer the card visualization and management approach to viewing and manipulating rows in Excel.

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