Do you want to sell your Side Project?

@daverodenbaugh did a very interesting talk at MicroConf about buying products instead of building them.

Some people (including him), mentioned today a HN thread where people were looking for a “better home” for side projects they just couldn’t give enough attention anymore. Among those, there was @shazow, a fellow bootstrapper from this forum.

I just wonder… are there other people in this community with side projects they wish they could give a better future?

Do you have any side project you would like to sell?

If anyone is curious,

I received a combined ~14,000 visits across all my properties from that one comment. Pretty huge for just a comment. I’ve gotten less than that from frontpage submissions before.

Also received about ~17 acquisition inquiries, most for Tweepsect. None really panned out though. Only a couple ended up near my sell price.

At the very least, it got me thinking about the value of these things. :slight_smile:

I have a ton of properties across the net. Some that could make some real money if converted to mobile apps. Been building for a while, but don’t want to give them up. Because if I could just invest a bit more time in them, I think they would be great properties…

Sure, I have I don’t do much with it.