Do you use discounts in your SAAS product? Why?

I was wondering what’s your experience on this topic and if you recommend or not using discounts to increase sales of a SAAS product.

Genuine Q - Why would discounting policies for a SaaS product be different from any other software product?

I don’t know, this is why I’m asking to people that have first hand experience with the topic.

There are companies exclusively focused on this, so I guess there might be something unique about this type of product and how it is priced.

I’d read Lincoln Murphy’s excellent piece on SaaS discounting practices to gain some insight on what works and what doesn’t: “Best Practices” for bootstrapped software companies in 2015? He’s got 3 article on this that pretty much cover the gamut of what you might want to know here.

There’s definitely a right and wrong way to do it.


We offer a discount to customers on a 14 day trial. It’s usually £3 per employee per month, but if they come onboard within 7 days we drop that to £2 per employee per month. This is an incentive to get customers to convert faster, and it’s something we’re split testing.

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