Do you have an idea you'd like to Validate *before* building an MVP? Did you find validation unhelpful? Want some free consulting?

I’m working on a course for Validating Your MVP. (read a bit about that here

This means validating the MVP before you build it. So maybe you’d call that Validating Your Idea.
I want to test that process (ok, that’s pretty meta). So I’d like to talk to people who:

  • Have an idea and would like to validate the idea
  • Have already validated and idea and what they found helpful or not helpful.

If you’ve got a fairly clear idea, this course could help you validate it and/or tweak it to get a better MVP-Market fit.

I am interviewing some startups to test this approach. I’m looking for where it would help you and what might be missing from it.
You’ll get some valuable free consulting. I’ll get to test my approach.

(Please note: I previously offered the course free to anyone who I consulted with. Those free slots are all used up. Sorry :frowning: Also, I will only be able to do this for the first 3 to 5 responders. You can email me directly via my profile.

-Clay Nichols
President and Founder


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