Do you have a B2B SaaS app that could use some free promotion?

I run a B2B SaaS app myself and I’m looking for opportunities to cross promote with others on here (my startup is called VYPER, btw). If anyone is interested in expanding audiences, I’d love to chat.

Currently we’re actually about to run a SaaS giveaway targeted at entrepreneurs that’s going out via email to roughly 10,000 entrepreneurs at this point. Would love to get some of you guys involved in this.

Let me know what SaaS app you run and let’s see if we can help each other out!

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Yes, absolutely. I run Linguaquote and would like to hear more about Vyper!

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Great idea!

Hey man - lets chat. LeadFuze has the same size list and I think our offerings are pretty complimentary.

Let’s chat over email, guys –

Contact me –